Privacy Policy

Information collection:
The company strongly believes in the philosophy of protecting and securing the information from the intruders. It is essential to maintain the privacy of the customers however the data stored on our website is used to provide enhanced user experience, notifications about the new products and promotions.

Account information:
When you are registering an account on the website, name, email, address and financial information is stored to facilitate payments and shipping of medicines. By using the account data, we send you mails and newsletters regarding the latest arrivals. You can always unsubscribe from the mailing list to prevent the advertising message from the company.

Sharing with third parties:
We do not permit unauthenticated access to the customer’s information and share it only with pharmacy for the delivery of medicine to the required address. Personal data, phone number and contact address are not shared or sold to the third party.

Secured information:
Information exchange between the server and the client is protected with the help of SSL technology. Nobody can snoop over the data or succeed in stealing it from the website.

Working with cookies:
We place crucial information in the small files provided by the computer browser. It helps us to find the requirements of the clients and the products they prefer while visiting the website. Cookies are used to capture certain information that entered while logging first time on the web page so that you do not have to enter the same data every time.

Prior Consent:
The information is not reproduced or shared with any entity or individual without the consent of the customers. Its usage is in complete synchronization with terms and condition along with the privacy policy of the company.